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Chassis Mount 40Forty Fan Adapter (Compatible with MAXX)

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Face it, you just can't leave it stock.  A larger pinion gear and bigger tires are calling your name, you're stuck with a dreaded overheating motor and the small stock fan isn't doing you ANY favors.  Upgrade today with our bolt-on adapter kit to mount (2) 40mm Rocket Fans to cool it off and keep you bashing longer!

Included in kit:

***Dual 40mm Rocket Fans are optional, please select the correct kit - fans may be silver/black or red/black depending on availability***

- Adapter plate with brass threaded inserts - direct bolt-on to chassis

- Finned Rock Guard

- 2-1 Y harness adapter to stock ESC plug

- Compatible with the Traxxas light kit - mounting hardware included

- ALL Stainless mounting hardware + zip tie + stickers


  • Remove stock fan and shroud from heat sink
  • Bolt on the adapter plate to the centered chassis bosses with (2) M3x30mm bolts
  • Place the flat rock guard over both fans and fasten with (8) M3x16mm flanged head bolts
  • Route the fan wires through the port and to the receiver
  • Plug each fan into the 2-1 harness adapter (arrow on plug is +) and plug the splitter into an open port on your receiver paying attention to polarity
  • Zip tie any loose wires
  • Power on the ESC to check fan function, if a fan does not turn on check the plug orientation and retry
  • Get ready to shred!

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Shane D
Impeccable fit and finish

The fan mount is sized precisely, and has brass fittings so everything stays put. There’s just the right amount of flex in the mount to keep it from snapping during jumps or tumbles, and the fans come with a perfectly sized set of leads along with an adapter that makes everything fit without any extra slop to tuck away. The fans themselves are real screamers, guaranteed to push a ton of air over your motor. Well done!

Norbert Krassnitzer
Top goods

Great shop, great goods, very quick and helpful communication. We recommend


I stumbled upon this kit while looking for fans to fit the dimensions of the Maxx. I’ve had others, but they didn’t look nearly as polished as the Campfire Carbon kit. As it turns out, the Campfire kit is so much better that you really can’t compare them. The fitment is flawless, the cables are the perfect length, and the fans really move. My hat’s off to whomever designed this. I’ll be telling others I know to look here.

Mike Kaluza
Awesome kit!

Another awesome kit from Campsite Carbon! We have the same kit on my Maxx and bought a Maxx for my son, so we knew we had to upgrade his as well. Parts are extremely well made, kit was easy to install, and included everything needed. Fans keep things much cooler and have an awesome turbine sound! Don’t forget to upgrade your ESC with a 35mm fan from Campsite Carbon as well!

Scott Julson
Chassis mounted fans

Absolutely great people to deal with! Everything installed like it was supposed to and the fans sound insane! Hope they expand their Maxx line.

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