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Here at Campsite Carbon we focus on many different ways to bring products to the market. Aside from our catalog items we partner with many manufacturing facilities and individuals to help streamline the development process and offer full-stop Additive Manufacturing Rapid Prototyping.

We will aid in the DFAM (Design for Additive Manufacturing) process and offer suggestions on ways to better the printability of your components. Sometimes a small tweak can have a large impact on print time, raw material usage and finished part strength.

Reach out if you have a project you have been working on and need a partner to bring it to market. We offer competitive quotes and will work with you each step of the way.

Does your design require multiple components assembled together? We also offer brass heat-set threaded inserts in various sizes for assembling multi-component projects. This also provides a greater ceiling to the physical size of components in development.

Contact us below with a description of your project, we will help you from start to finish.

Campsite Carbon Jeep Wrangler 3D Printed Carbon Fiber Nylon Additive manufacturing JKU 3D print rapid prototyping testing enclosure

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