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Arrma 8s 50Fifty Dual Fan Kit

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• Improved Cooling

• Direct Bolt On

• Incredible Sound

Face it, you just can't leave it stock.  The speed pinion or those larger tires are calling your name and now you're stuck with a dreaded overheating motor and that stock fan isn't doing you ANY favors.  Upgrade today with our bolt-on adapter kit to mount (2) 50mm aluminum fans to cool it off and keep you bashing longer!  Choose with or without the fans for a complete plug and play setup to the factory Arrma 4686 heatsink.


Included in kit:

***Dual 50mm Rocket Fans are optional, please select the correct kit - Fans may be silver/black or red/black depending on availability***

- Adapter plate with brass threaded inserts (mounts to STOCK Arrma 4685 heat sink) used in most 8s Arrma trucks

- Finned Rock Guard

- 2-1 Y harness adapter

- ALL Stainless mounting hardware + zip tie + stickers


  • Remove stock fan and grill from heat sink
  • Bolt on the adapter plate with (4) M4x8mm bolts
  • (Flat Rock Guard) Place the flat rock guard over both fans and fasten with (8) M4x22mm flanged head bolts
  • (Velocity Stack Rock Guard) Fasten each fan with (2) M4x18mm bolts in the center.  Install Velocity Stack Rock Guard with (4) M4x28mm bolts
  • Plug each fan into the 2-1 harness adapter (arrow on plug is +) and plug into the stock ESC fan plug paying attention to polarity
  • Route fan wires and zip tie any loose wires
  • Power on the ESC to check fan function, if a fan does not turn on verify all connections and flip the plug over if necessary
  • Get ready to bash!!

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