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Arrma 6s 40Forty Dual Fan Kit

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• Improved Cooling

• Direct Bolt On

• Incredible Sound

Face it, you just can't leave it stock.  The speed pinion or those 3.8" Pro-lines are calling your name and now you're stuck with a dreaded overheating motor and that small stock fan isn't doing you ANY favors.  Upgrade today with our bolt-on adapter kit to mount (2) 40mm aluminum fans to cool it off and keep you bashing longer!  Choose from our Finned Rock Guard or the sleek Velocity Stack Rock Guard, with or without the fans for a complete plug and play setup.

Included in kit:

***Dual 40mm fans are optional, please select the correct kit - fans may be silver/black or red/black depending on availability***

- Adapter plate with brass threaded inserts (mounts to stock Arrma 4074 heat sink) used in most 6s trucks

- Finned Rock Guard OR Velocity Stack Rock Guard

- 2-1 Y harness adapter

- ALL Stainless mounting hardware + zip tie + stickers

Confirmed Fitment:

  • Fireteam 6s, Infraction 6s, Notorious 6s*, Outcast 6s*, Mojave 6s, Kraton 6s
  • * with Arrma 4074 heat sink, some models do not include this 


  • Remove stock fan and grill from heat sink
  • Bolt on the adapter plate with (4) M3x8mm bolts
  • (Flat Rock Guard) Place the flat rock guard over both fans and fasten with (8) M3x16mm flanged head bolts
  • (Velocity Stack Rock Guard) Fasten each fan with (2) M3x12mm bolts in the center.  Install Velocity Stack Rock Guard with (4) M3x22mm bolts
  • Plug each fan into the 2-1 harness adapter (arrow on plug is +) and plug into the stock ESC fan plug paying attention to polarity
  • Route fan wires to the clip on the chassis behind the motor; zip tie any loose wires
  • Power on the ESC to check fan function, if a fan does not turn on flip the plug over and retry
  • Rotate heat sink to approximately 28° from horizontal to clear the Fireteam body
  • Get ready to bash!!

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Sam Morse
My Fans Never Looked so Good

This item came with the double fan base plate and the velocity stack cover piece. Everything fit perfectly and looks amazing. Shipping was super fast as well. A+

Timothy Sigala
Keep your motor cool!

Love this dual fan setup by Campsite Carbon! I liked it so much, I bought another setup for my 6s Notorious! These fans scream! Fast shipping and a US Based company! Can't go wrong with an order from Campsite Carbon!

Maor Sapir
If you think the motor is too hot buy this!

Amazing product
Got it sooner than expected
Put it on immediately the noise from it and the amount of air passing through is amazing
Thank you campsite carbon!

Frederick Grassie
Campsite carbon fans

Now I have the perfect setup for the Florida summer heat.
Twin fans for the motor and single for ESC.


Good fitment, and made my fans super loud in a good way

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