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Arrma 3s 30Thirty Single Motor Fan Kit

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• Improved Cooling

• Direct Bolt On

• Incredible Sound

Face it, you just can't leave it stock.  Whether you're going for speed runs or all out bashing the last thing you want is an overheating motor, and that weak stock fan isn't doing you ANY favors.  Upgrade today with our 30mm aluminum fan  and rock guard to cool it off and keep you running longer!  Choose from our Finned Rock Guard or the sleek Velocity Stack Rock Guard, with or without the fans for a complete plug and play setup.

Included in kit:

Finned Rock Guard w/ washer color choice OR Velocity Stack Rock Guard

***30mm fan is optional, please select the correct kit - fan may be silver/black or red/black depending on availability***

Mounts to the stock Arrma 4x4 3s BLX heat sink used in most 3s cars and trucks like the Infraction 3s, Big Rock, Senton and some 4s cars without the threaded heat sink!

Posts on the Velocity Stack ensure the body will not come in contact, slowing the fan speed

ALL Stainless mounting hardware + zip tie + stickers


  • Remove stock fan and grill from heat sink
  • Assemble either the Finned Rock Guard or Velocity Stack Rock Guard to the fan and fasten to the heat sink between the fins - DO NOT overtighten - the screws thread in between the heat sink fins like the factory setup
  • Plug the fan into the harness, the arrow on the plug is +Positive
  • Zip tie any loose wires
  • Power on the ESC to check fan function; if the fan does not turn on, flip the plug over and retry
  • Get ready to bash!!

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